Solanart Lending Solutions

Never miss an opportunity again on Solana
As a lender, be your own bank and get instant loans and liquidity through Rain.
Set your own interest rates, create your own liquidity pools and make it rain.
As a borrower, borrow against your NFT and buy NFT at a fraction of their price.

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Buy Now, Pay Later!

You can now buy NFT for a fraction of its price and pay the remaining amount later. Available for the majority of the top collections now!

Get liquidity in seconds through loan

You don't have enough funds to make a new investment on a collection? Don't worry, now it's easy. Ask the amount of SOL you need and Solanart will lend you what you need using our liquidity pool.

How it works?

When you borrow SOL you will have to lock an NFT as guarantee but it will remains in your wallet so you can keep your advantages (airdrops...).

The amount you can borrow is up to 40% of the floor value and you have 14 days to refund your loan (else the NFT will be taken out of your wallet).

Eligible collections

For now, only few collections are eligible for loans and Buy Now Pay Later. We may add more collections in the time depending on the stability of the market.